The following financial analysts are familiar with The Cigna Group business activities and our industry. They regularly publish earnings estimates and/or stock ratings about The Cigna Group.

Firm Analyst Contact
Barclays Steve Valiquette 1.212.526.5496
Bernstein Lance Wilkes 1.212.407.5826
BofA Securities Kevin Fischbeck 1.646.855.5948
Cantor Fitzgerald Sarah James 1.212.829.5203
Cleveland Research Rob Eich 1.216.649.7204
Cowen Gary Taylor 1.646.562.1450
Deutsche Bank George Hill
Goldman SachsNathan Rich1.212.357.2710
J.P. Morgan Lisa Gill 1.212.622.6466
Jefferies & Company David Windley 1.615.963.8313
Loop Capital Joseph France1.617.997.9436 
Mizuho Ann Hynes 1.617.235.1741
Morgan Stanley Erin Wright 1.212.761.6137
Morningstar Julie Utterback 1.312.696.6278
Nephron Research Josh Raskin 1.646.876.0112
Oppenheimer Michael Wiederhorn 1.954.356.8312
Raymond James John Ransom 1.727.567.2593
RBC Capital Markets Ben Hendrix 1.615.372.1323
Stephens Scott Fidel 1.212.891.1788
SVB SecuritiesWhit Mayo1.629.802.2560
Truist David MacDonald 1.617.345.6534
UBS Kevin Caliendo 1.212.713.3630
Wells FargoStephen Baxter1.215.588.1482
Wolfe Research Justin Lake 1.646.582.9280

Disclaimer: This list of financial analysts is provided for your information only. The Cigna Group does not endorse the analyses, conclusions, or recommendations contained in any report issued by these or any other analysts.